• Phil Walsh

Look at Your Lifestyle

Ask yourself what small changes I can make today.

Make your own journey one of fulfillment and joy. Embrace this time of uncertainty and of solitude by finding out how to reconnect with your inner self. There are many ways, begin with a simple meditation (see below) also you could start using essential oils or incense to awaken your senses and energies from within.

This will help to realise how we have become so materialistic, by making the changes that are necessary you will make them part of your life indefinitely.

Its not just about how we “Save the Planet” but how we utilise our own “Being” and keeping it that way, raising it to your highest capacity by learning and giving back by teaching others your practices and principles.

This is a great way to start your day to uplift and feel so good. (My favourite way to start the day)

Don’t rush it:

If you have time use an oil burner or a diffuser with your favourite essential oil which helps you to relax and helps to focus your mind on your meditation.

Stand in your bare feet, stand straight and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, bringing it to the base of your spine and ground yourself by drawing the earths energy through your feet, to your legs and into your base chakra (which is at the base of your spine) colour red. This will keep you grounded for the day. Think about the magnetic force of our earth which keeps our feet firmly on the ground, acknowledge that amazing energy, remembering this as you drop your shoulders as slowly breath out.

Give thanks and show gratitude and bring this thought into your day ahead. Try and see the good in everyone, say a kind word or deed as this good feeling has a boomerang effect by bringing good into your life.

This is as important as keeping watch on the kind of food we eat or exercise we take.

Living your life in a more peaceful way, try to be present in the moment and not let your thoughts take control.

If you get into the habit it could be at any time of the day,

You will soon follow through with how you treat your body in other ways.


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