Clearing your space is as important as clearing your mind for your wellbeing, our homes are full of different energies especially now with all the technology in our homes, our TV’s and devices.  Our Space Clearing Spray is designed to cleanse negative and stagnant energies from a space.  


Our spray is made from pure essential oils, witch hazel and distilled water, each bottle also contains a moonstone crystal, which is a stone of new beginnings and of calm and relief from emotional stress.

We live in a stressful and polluted world constantly being bombarded with toxins.  A lot of commercial air freshners and scented candles also contain a lot of harmful toxins, opt for cleansing and refreshing the air with more natural ingredients like essential oils.

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Wild Herb Elixirs create totally natural elixirs, soaps and remedies from their Herbal studio in rural County Wexford, surrounded by nature.

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